National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia


The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific and Production Association for Immunological Preparations “Microgen” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was established according to the Decrees of the Ministry of Property of Russia No. 1485-r dated June 13, 2002, No. 2392-r dated August 6, 2002, and the Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 269 dated August 16, 2002, by the merger of 14 unitary enterprises. The company’s founder is the Russian Federation, the founder’s powers are performed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

In May 2003, the country’s largest unitary state enterprises producing immunobiological products were united into Scientific and Production Association Microgen. The main objective of NPO Microgen was to create a competitive production unit in the sphere of biotechnologies and to introduce new highly effective preparations in the healthcare practice. The establishment of the production association had a synergistic effect on the whole scientific and production potential of the country in the sphere of immunobiology and allowed separate companies to strengthen their scientific potential, exclude redundant developments and coordinate the production, sales and logistics.

Currently, the Company includes nine branches located throughout the country and employs more than 5 thousand people, including 104 candidates of sciences, 7 doctors of sciences and 3 professors.

The priority area of business is the production of vaccines for dangerous infectious diseases, including the vaccines from the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccination (NCPV). The company’s share in total sales of immunobiological preparations of Russian producers is 43%, net of supplies under the NCPV. The revenues from sale of preparations in 2014 was more than 7 billion rubles.

Some companies included in NPO Microgen have more than 100 years history. They develop and produce vaccines and toxoids, blood products, bacteriophages, diagnostic preparations, growth media and allergens.

Leading production enterprises of NPO Microgen:

  • Virion (Tomsk)
  • Immunopreparat (Ufa)
  • Allergen (Stavropol)
  • Biomed (Perm)
  • ImBio (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Moscow Department of Bacterial Preparations
  • Irkutsk Enterprise of Bacterial Preparations

Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia “Moscow Subdivision for Manufacture of Bacterial Products” in Moscow
15, the 1st Dubrovskaya str., Moscow
+7 (495) 674-55-80
+7 (495) 674-55-80
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia “Perm SIC “Biomed” in Perm
177, Bratskaya str., Perm
+7 (342) 281-94-96
+7 (342) 262-33-96
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia «Immunopreparat» in Ufa
105, Novorossiyskaya str., Ufa, 450014
+7 (347) 229-92-01
+7 (347) 229-92-01
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia “Allergen” in Stavropol
20, Biologicheskaya str., Stavropol, 355019
+7 (8652) 24-40-84
+7 (8652) 24-37-01
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia “Nizhny Novgorod Enterprise for Manufacture of Bacterial Products “ImBio” in Nizhny Novgorod
44, Gruzinskaya str., Nizhny Novgorod, 603950
+7 (831) 296-91-16
+7 (831) 296-91-16 ext. 2102
Nizhny Novgorod
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia “SIC “Virion” in Tomsk
8, Ivanovskogo str., Tomsk, 634040
+7 (3822) 633-734
+7 (3822) 633-734
Branch FSUC “SIC “Microgen” of MOH of Russia «Irkutsk Enterprise for Manufacture of Bacterial Products» in Irkutsk
1A, 3rd Lyotchikov str. Irkutsk, 664009
+7 (3952) 27-12-31
+7 (3952) 27-12-29