National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia

Figures and Facts

Scientific and Production Association Microgen was established in 2003 as a result of the merger of state-owned unitary enterprises producing medical immunobiological products.

NPO is one of the top Russian pharmaceutical companies and the largest national manufacturer of immunobiological preparations: vaccines, serums, specific immunoglobulins, growth media, allergens, probiotics.

The company’s range of products includes 388 names of medicines and produces more than 70% of the total volume of domestic immunobiological products (including supplies for the National Calendar of Vaccination etc.). NPO Microgen’s range of products includes more than 60 drugs included in the list of vital and essential medicines and more than 120 names of immunobiological drugs, including 13 vaccines of the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccination and 10 vaccines for socially significant infections.

NPO Microgen is the largest supplier of vaccines for the NCPV. In 2013, the company’s share in the government order for the supply of vaccines included in the NCPV list was 43% in money terms and 72% in physical terms (in standard packs of 10 doses).

NPO Microgen produces the following shares of the total production:

Today the company has more than 6,200 employees, including: 125 candidates of sciences, 15 doctors of sciences and 10 professors.

At present, NPO Microgen’s fleet has more than 300 units with 40 of them operating in the “cold chain” regime. The company transports its products throughout Russia, the average annual run of one “cold chain” truck is 120 thousand kilometers.